In which Binky discovers wellbeing!

In which Binky discovers wellbeing!

Hello dears, Binky here and welcome to the first of The Big Fandango's Blog pages !

Of course the Sewing team at The Big Fandango are far too busy doing worthwhile stuff and hemming trousers to write a blog so it's been left to me, Rebecca said it's about time I made myself useful and apparently is "fed up with me lying about in the back bedroom all day, chomping pickled onions and leaving pork pie crumbs on the carpet". A blatant lie but as they've got rid of that lovely Eamon Holmes off the telly box  and I can't abide those ghastly Loose Women going on about hot flushes , vegans and Keir Starmer , I thought I'd oblige .

"Write Something about sewing and mental well being" she said, "say how sewing is good for the soul". Utter nonsense, I once dropped my Great Aunt Mildred's Singer  on my toe whilst carrying it out the rag and bone man after she sadly passed away of consumtion in 1945. Let me tell you, it did nothing for my soul and I ended up on crutches for 3 weeks and completely missed VE night . My friend Cynthia spent it under an airman from Mississippi and I spent it under a candlewick eiderdown eating some black market sherbet lemons! 

So I've been looking into this mental wellbeing stuff and apparently it's being in the moment, casting your worries aside and doing something to stop you fretting about the General Election, the price of corned beef, (which  I may add, along with tinned SPAM has gone through the roof, it's cheaper to be a joint of beef, do not get me started!), or indeed whether those Big Fandango women will discover I've been drying my undergarments in their airfryer on the dehydrate setting! Anyhoo, it's not a new thing, I once spent a Cruise across the Adriatic holed up in my cabin doing a 5000 piece jigswaw of the Laughing Caviliear to avoid a ghastly woman from Chipping Sodbury who had terrible halitosis,  Was this mindfulness? I'm not sure but it certainly made an intolerable situation more bearable .

Then I remembered, it was the swinging sixties and Cynthia and I had a flat off the Edgeware Road . I had had a brief encounter with a debonair chap I had met in a Lyons tea shop , he was an up and coming radio star by the name of Nicholas Parsons. He was a COMPLETE dish!! Silk cravat, winkle picker shoes and a Saville Row suit. Our eyes had locked over a cream horn and I was smitten but alas Nicholas did not feel the same way . I wrote to him daily at Broadcasting House but my letters were all returned . I was devastated and would sit forlornley gazing at the wireles and  and listening to his dulcet tones imaging.....ah, but it was not to be! Cynthia tried to persuade me to go out and meet someone new but I had foolishly been comfort eating lamb chops and had put a few extra pounds on and had lost my zing! I had seen a lovely frock in Cynthia's Woman's Own and decided to have a go at making something similar but more suitable for my new found voluptuous frame.  I dug out my mother's old treddle machine and set to work, of course we had all learnt sewing as girls and I was quite nifty with a pair of tailors sheers and in no time I had made fabulous creation in mauve crepe de chine , a shilling a metre from a lovely chap from Brighton called Keith  who had  a shop on the Goldhawk Road. Of course whilst busy sewing away I had completely forgotten about Nicholas Parsons , I had been so immersed in the task at hand and of course whilst sewing I had not time to be frying lamb chops so a win win. 

Maybe that bloody know it all Fandango lot might have a thing about this sewing malarkey after all! They do seem to get through an inordinate quantity of biscuits though. In fairness it didn't take me that long to rattle this off so time for a half an hour with The Racing Post and a quick cheroot in the stock cupboard before they get back and accuse me of rifling through the custard creams.

Of course if you haven't tried it you could have a look at some of the sewing workshops here at The Big Fandango but alas you won't see me as aparrently my very rude niece commented that my swearing and beetroot stained cardigan would put people off, another blatant lie but I'm saying nothing for now , let's just say I'm biding my time!

So ta ta for now my lovelies

until next time

Binky x


19 June 2024