The Delicate Subject of Undergarments

The Delicate Subject of Undergarments

Hello Dears, it's Binky here!

What a week, it's been akin to Sodom and Gomarrah with the Fandango lot running around with knicker elastic and giggling about gussets like a bunch of school girls  -  not one of them is a stranger to a hot flush and an elasicated trouser! I've been in the back room with a Dick Francis and a quater pound of midget gems keeping out of the way let me tell you!!

So the upshot is a knicker making workshop, I ask you?! There's a Mark's and Spencer's at the top of the road where you can buy all manner of perfectly serviceable  undergarments, or indeed order them online in perfect privacy. But oh no, Rebecca and her sidekick Lucy have been making their own, quite probably with some old potato sacking or a J-cloth, I am saying nothing! "Write a blog on the knicker workshops" she said  " talk about sustainability, upcyling, saving money" blah , blah blah, when will I be delivered from this ghastly tedium?!

Anyhoo, armed with a packet of mini cheddars and mug of advocat, I put pen to paper and here is the latest from the Fandango Blog....

Of course I remember when underwear was beautiful, french knickers were all the rage when I was a girl, oyster-shell satin, wrapped in tissue paper and arrived in a box from Rigby and Peller in Mayfair. I was quite a catch in those days, my dears! My dear friend Cynthia and I used to go to The Swinging Gibbon on Carnaby Street, a very outre jazz club ran by a shifty chap called Frank the ferret so called because of his brown slightly protruding teeth and badly dyed orange hair . He had a thick Italin accent but apparently was originally a lavatory attendent from Wolverhampton! Oh the night's we spent knocking back gin slings and dancing to the heady strains of Godfrey Truelove and his Big  Horn ensemble (no pun intended).

 But I digress, underwear, yes those were the days when underwear was something secret and beautiful to be unveiled and discovered durning a passonate clinch!  Today it's all on display, young girls trotting about in a pair of tights and a bra - and not a cardigan in sight! Knickers the size of a postage stamp held together by a bit of elastic and blind hope! Terribly unhygienic things ! These days I am resigned to the world of long-line bra's and something sturdy and reliable with a bit of give and to be quite frank , for that I am most grateful! 

Anyhoo the Fandango lot are apparently making knickers on the 4th of July and you can go along and join them  and learn the myteries of elastic and burrito gussets - I have no words but if that is your thing don't let me stop you!  I will be off to play Majhong with Ladies Luncheon club with my good friend Marjory with the possibility of haddock and chips on the way home. So sign up, make knickers , save the planet, on your head be it!

The weekend beckons and I have Whippy's pie warming up , I bid you a terribly jolly weekend

Ta ta for now





21 June 2024